Apple IIc Prototype

Apple IIc prototype image


This machine seems to be a relatively late pre-production prototype of the Apple IIc computer.

Internally, the PCB (which is labeled "SARA" - the Apple internal codename for the IIc) is quite clean for a prototype and very similar in layout to the production version. Several of the ASICs are labeled "Proto", and the system uses EPROMs instead of the mask-programmed ROMs used in the production version. Most of the IC date codes are in mid-1983.

Externally, the case is very smooth and lacks the texture of the production versions. There is a small notch in the upper left corner of the top, presumably where a square Apple logo could be fitted. A sticker on the bottom (which has partially been scraped off) identifies the machine as an Apple prototype.

Apple IIc prototype sticker

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